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      BlackMagnum : Club 602 Episode 14 is live and loud.
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      BlackMagnum : Episode 11 of Club602 is ready to be listened to.
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      Griff : DVR Alert: Cable TV channel BBC America is starting a new series called "The Real History of Science Fiction" that looks like it might be pretty good. Link... «link»
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      BlackMagnum : Episode 9 is up and running on the website. I convince people that Star Trek V is a good movie.
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      BlackMagnum : Hey Everyone Episode 8 is live on Caspian Studios
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      BlackMagnum : Miss you too Lem
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      Kestra : *Big HUGS* Miss you guys
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      Artemis : Jupiter Force and Caspian Division will be running events in just under 2 hours.
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      BlackMagnum : Episode 4 of Club 602 is Live.
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      BlackMagnum : Hey Everyone, I am in Dallas Tx this week for work. I'll be back Friday.
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      BlackMagnum : Make sure that you take a listen to the podcast from club 602.
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      Killago : Happy new year everyone, def a little late posting this.
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      Artemis : Happy New Year! I hope to be back online tonight!
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      Kestra : *~*Happy New Years*~*
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      Madd-Wolf : HAPPY NEW YEARS ALL!!!
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      Madd-Wolf : HAPPY DEATH TO ALL TURKEYS DAY Caspian!
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      BlackMagnum : Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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      Madd-Wolf : Meow!..
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      Kestra : *Big hugs* to everyone :)
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      BlackMagnum : You can reach me on Twitter.
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    Caspian Division
    TeamSpeak 3 Issue in Firefox

    Good Day Fleet Members,

    Firefox has increased their security, which will disable the TeamSpeak status, but you can choose to allow the information to display.  Basically, because we now use a SSL certificate, the TeamSpeak Status is not considered secure.  Please check the link below to understand how to show the information.

    Hope this helps, and Happy Gaming.

    Fleet Update for March 2014


    March 28, 2014

    Stardate: 91841.79

    Hello Fleeties,

                    Sorry for not being able to give an update here until the end of the month, but I was recovering from not one but two carpel tunnel surgeries which made for problematic typing. May last one thankfully I have to say was not as bad as the first one.

                    In any case, we approach the first year anniversary of our loss which both the Federation and Klingon Bases were taken away from us by a cowardly act. It is I think satisfying to say we have beaten any and all expectations by anyone who doubted our resolve.

                    We have working towards starting the Tier 5 projects on the Federation Base, with all of the holdings at their maximum of Tier 3. Yes that is right ALL the Federation Holdings are at Tier 3. We just have to get the White Doffs filled for the Federation projects for them to complete and begin their countdown.

                    Looking at the progress, I believe we will likely be starting the Tier 5 Projects hopefully by the end of April 2014, if not sooner. We just need folks to donate their material where and when possible and to start working in the mining to build up dilithium. We will be heavily dependent on that commodity which though is easy to get if one coverts ZEN, I think many will have more satisfaction by working in a fully functional Tier 3 Mine.

                    The KDF Fleet of Caspian Division, which has a smaller number of toons has reached the countdown stage of the Embassy Project. We will have another project to complete in that area and then we will focus on the Spire Projects which I might add are halfway to reaching Tier 2.

                    The Mine has reached Tier 3 which is helping us not to have to put forth so much dilithium in the various projects we are currently working on.

    The Star Base for the KDF is at Tier 3 and we are about halfway to Tier 4, in itself is an accomplishment. We will continue to put projects up where needed so we can get that growth going on the KDF side; and for that it will take as many as possible to help out in the projects.

                    We are looking forward to Season 9, which comes out around April 9, 2014 to have many of you coming in for a look-see. Please take a look at the projects you can help with and we will appreciate anything you can add to the fleet projects no matter how small.

    May you have a great game day.


    STO News Feed

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    • — Advanced Dyson Ships Live!

         (Thursday, 20 February 2014 12:59)

      The Advanced Dyson Science Destroyers are now available in the C-Store! Read more for important details, and to watch our new spotlight video that features them.

    Neverwinter News Feed

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    • — Call to Arms: Orc Assault

         (Thursday, 20 February 2014 10:59)

      Details about the Call to Arms: Orc Assault Skirmish Event including rewards